DOB: 8/11/2018
OFA Hips: Good
Brucellosis negative

Embark DNA panel clear. Not a carrier for any tested genetic illnesses.

Ussaro is an AKC Champion and is an AKC certified farm dog. 
Herding Instinct Tested

Ussaro is our polish import. We imported Ussaro to add to the genetic diversity in the U.S. He is a combination of Del Piervez, Lupercali and Valle Scrivia lines. 
Ussaro has sired one litter of beautiful pups who have his incredible temperament, agility and intelligence. We offer live cover and shipped frozen or fresh cooled semen internationally. 
We use a trusted reproductive Vet, Dr. Christine Scruggs for all our breeding care. 

Ussaro is a large male. He weighs 70lbs and is lean and muscular. Ussaro has a perfect scissors bite and full dentition. He is a solid opaque black. He has a nice large head of good proportion. His eyes are lighter than I would like for a black male but within standard. He has a level backline, strong limbs and good depth of chest. His tail is set properly and is long with a hook at the end at the hock. Ussaro has a more traditional coat and naturally has doppio pelo ( smoother unlocked coat on head, face, neck area). The rest of the coat is flocked and with more wool and heavier flocking toward the rear. 

Ussaro has a solid temperament. He is gentle and kind with all people and children and extremely loving and loyal to his family. He has never shown aggression under any circumstance, including at dog shows when sharing an ex pen with an intact male Doberman and Leonberger. He has never been dog aggressive. He does not run up to strangers but would rather assess them from afar before approaching them as a sheepdog should. Ultimately, he accepts all people. Ussaro is an exceptional father, always wanting to raise a litter himself from the day they are born, even regurgitating for them, cleaning them and evacuating them during their first weeks. He raised his own litter until the time they left and was always watching them and initiating play with them. Ussaro is very playful and athletic, the fastest Bergamasco I have ever seen. He can keep up with hounds. He can jump tall fences and often plays outside by himself and stays entertained with balls and toys.

Work and Training:
Ussaro has spent the last two years working with sheep in Spencer, MA with Susan Sullivan. He has been training for herding trials but he also lives with horses and goats on his home farm. Ussaro does well with boundary work and has very good herding instinct. Ussaro is farm dog certified. 

If you feel that Ussaro would be a good fit for your breeding program please contact us and we can discuss options.