Jessica Spatz McNeary

Violet and Leo

Alp Angels and Jeanine have not only given us our beloved Violet and puppy Leo, but have become an ongoing part of our lives. We communicate weekly and she is always available to answer questions, offer suggestions, or share in the enjoyment of our furry family members. Jeanine is committed to thoughtful, ethical breeding, and her dogs are not a business, they are her passion. Her puppies are raised with the utmost of love from the moment they are conceived and she has an unbelievable ability to understand who they will become from their first weeks of life. We can’t imagine life without Violet and Leo, or Jeanine and her steadfast commitment to all her dogs.

Jessica Meade

Ayla, Freya and Lorelei

Alp Angels has given me the three beautiful girls I am lucky enough to share my life with. Over the fifteen years I have known Jeanine, she has shown an unwavering commitment to the health of our breed. Every decision she makes is studied and thoughtful. She researches best practices and always makes choices in the best interest of the dogs. 
When we decided together with Jeanine to breed our girl, Freya, given all the options I chose for Freya to whelp the litter at Jeanine’s house because I knew that Jeanine would apply her expert skills and experience to my dog and her puppies. Jeanine uses an amazing reproductive veterinarian to ensure that everything goes well. For Freya to be bred she had OFA Hips and elbow xrays, DNA tests for any known heritable diseases, and a thorough physical exam. Although this seems obvious not all breeders do health testing. From start to finish, Freya was in gentle, expert hands with Jeanine. All the puppies thrived from the rich environment Jeanine creates. Puppies are snuggled, kissed and nurtured from their first breath. They go from a cozy warm nest to toy exploration to short bits of time out in the yard. By the time they are ready to go to their forever homes, the puppies are social, confident and well prepared for life ahead. Watching my dog’s puppies go through this process was a beautiful gift. Every puppy was spectacular and their families appreciated the sweet little individual they were bonding with. 
Jeanine is always envisioning past the current dogs well into the future of our breed. Every match is carefully done to bring out the best traits in our dogs. 
The result of Jeanine’s hard work is healthy dogs with beautiful form and temperament. My three girls are beyond sweet. They love everyone, are good with other dogs, and are much smarter than I am. 
Ayla, born in 2007, is a beauty still at age 12. She was never a big fan of the show ring but loves nose work. She has been a serious hiking dog her entire life. She lives to roll on the sand or in piles of leaves. 
Freya, born in 2014, is an AKC Champion who went Best of Breed at Westminster in 2019. Additionally she has her CGC, trick titles, and completed the three parts of Rally Novice A. She will be working on additional obedience titles this year. Freya is a dog who loves to learn and be challenged to understand new things. While she also loves to hike and roll, she thrives on using her brain. 
Lorelei, born in summer of 2019, is a stunning puppy from Freya and Jeanine’s Ussaro. All the pups are doing great. Lorelei, like her litter mates, is smart, sweet and loves being trained just like her mother. I will enjoy seeing where Lorelei’s interests and strengths will take us. 
I recommend Alp Angel with all of my heart. 

Mary Roggenstein

Murphy Logan

We feel so fortunate that we found Jeanine at Alp Angel Bergamasco. We had been trying to find a dog for our family for a few years and for different reasons, our arrangements fell through. We have a son, Sean, with special needs, so we had certain characteristics that we needed for our pet. When we read about Bergamascos, we knew this was the right breed for us. And, it has worked out better than we could have hoped. Jeanine really listened to us and picked the perfect pup from the litter for our family. She has been available for questions and offers timely advice on the breed. Murphy Logan has such a sweet personality. He is so smart! He seemed to know instinctively that he had to be gentler with Sean. He was very patient, and waited for Sean to warm up to him. And now, they are “bros”, as Sean likes to say. Our other two kids just love Murphy Logan. They take study breaks just to pet him. They look forward to coming home and getting Murphy’s excited greeting! Murphy Logan is a wonderful addition to our family. 

Gail Trotter


If you are considering the Bergamasco you would be hard pressed to find a breeder anything like Alp Angel Bergamascos. We have had the pleasure of welcoming five Bergamascos into our home, and know first hand that between their intelligence and unique coat they are far from ordinary dogs. Jeanine and Joe at Alp Angel Bergamascos could not be more knowledgeable about how to care for them, or more ethical about ensuring each puppy has a rich and rewarding quality of life with their new family. We are very grateful for their on-going dedication to this magnificent breed.

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